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Organize a group

Organize a group and travel free on your next trip to Mexico!

When you are a Group Leader, the benefits go far beyond the thrill of traveling to Mexico.

Bring as few as 10 passengers in your group and you travel absolutely free!


Traveling for free is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Contact us to confirm the tour you have selected for your group and your preferred dates of travel. We’ll immediately send you a recruiting package

  2. Spread the word with family, students, friends and colleagues, and host informational meetings

  3. Sign up 10 people and travel for free!

Note: Applies to our tours of 7 - 12 days and Spanish Studies Program only.


Getting Started

Consult this step-by-step guide to see how easy it is to be a Group Leader. Browse the five sections below.


1.- Select a tour

Fitzmaurice Tours offers an unbeatable range of combination trips featuring a wide variety of exciting destinations throughout Mexico. It's up to you to decide which tour best match the wishes of your travelers. As you browse our tours, the following are important considerations:

  • Regions visited

  • Length of tour

  • Price

  • Number of included activities and excursions

2.- Recruit travelers

Whom should you recruit for your group?

The following are all good sources of recruitment. Remember that even those who don't wish to travel themselves can pass the word on to someone who does

  • Students

  • Extended family

  • Friends

  • Neighbors

  • Colleagues and co-workers

  • Religious groups

  • Members of social/recreational organizations, including community centers, alumni associations, and country clubs

Get the word out

Begin the recruitment process well in advance of when you want to travel—ideally at least six to nine months prior to departure. Leave yourself plenty of time to recruit the largest possible group. Once you've chosen your tour and date, hold an informational meeting for interested travelers. Begin getting the word out to as many people as possible

The following are just a few of the ways to publicize your tour

  • Put a notice about your trip in your local newspaper, advertising a time and place that you will hold an informational meeting.

  • Send the tour itinerary to students, friends and family members, along with an invitation to your informational meeting. Encourage them to spread the word among their friends and associates.

  • Send out an email advertising your trip and giving details about the informational meeting, and request that your contacts pass it on.

  • Hang posters (provided by Fitzmaurice Tours) on the bulletin boards of schools, libraries, civic organizations, houses of worship, country clubs and sports facilities.

  • Invite potential travelers to a theme dinner or party reflecting the region you plan to visit.

3.- Hold an informational meeting

Preparing for your initial presentation

Once you have begun generating interest, hold a meeting for everyone who is interested in traveling. Fitzmaurice Tours will provide day-by-day itineraries and pre-departure information for you to distribute

Contact your Tour Consultant just prior to the meeting to review or finalize the following:

  • tour itinerary and departure date

  • tour price

  • Travel Medical Insurance Plan

  • deadlines for reservations and payments

  • questions or concerns you anticipate

Conducting the meeting

A key purpose of this meeting is to generate excitement about the idea of going on a tour to Mexico. As attendees arrive, ask them to sign in with their name, address and phone number so you can easily keep in touch with them after the meeting.

Share your own passion for travel by telling attendees about trips you've taken in the past, and explain why you chose Mexico as your destination. Prepare yourself ahead of time by thinking about why travel is important to you, and be ready to explain the many advantages of escorted group tours. In general, it is useful to cover the following:

  • Describe the tour you chose, as well as the departure date, and explain why it appealed to you.

  • Outline the price and payment deadlines.

  • Highlight key points of our Terms and Conditions.

  • List all components that the tour price includes.

  • Mention available optional excursions.

  • Point out the Travel Medical Insurance Plan that Fitzmaurice Tours offers.

  • Outline the booking deadlines (which you and your Tour Consultant have determined ahead of time).

  • Distribute day-by-day itineraries and registration forms.

Get commitments as soon as possible

Encourage group members to sign up at the meeting. They should fill out a Registration Form and enclose a check in the amount of $100 (deposit to reserve a place on the tour). Alternatively, your group members may enroll in the days following the meeting and mail the registration forms and $100 tour deposits to you.

Plan to follow up with anyone who has expressed interest but hasn't yet sent you the completed registration form and $100 tour deposit

4.- Make reservations

Follow up after your meeting

Once you have held your meeting, it is a good idea to send a note of appreciation to the group members who attended. This is an opportunity to remind those people who have not yet booked that the deadline is approaching!

Reservation procedures

As you receive registration forms (at the meeting or in the days following), check to see that they have been completed correctly and signed. Make sure that they are accompanied by the $100 tour deposits. Once you have collected at least 10 registration forms and $100 tour deposits, you should proceed to send them together via certified mail to our U.S office (5405 Fripp Lane, Acworth, GA 30101).

Materials your group members will receive next

As we receive your group members' registration forms, we will send them each their own confirmation packet, which includes the following:

  • A welcome letter

  • A confirmation statement and invoice

  • A booklet describing our Travel Medical Insurance Plan

5.- Increase your group size

There are many ways you can increase your group size. Bear in mind that it's a good idea to recruit more group members than you anticipate traveling to account for possible cancellations

  • Enlist the help of those travelers already booked to spread the word to friends and associates. Word of mouth is usually the best recruitment tool.

  • Contact people who expressed initial interest but did not attend the informational meeting. It might be appropriate to schedule a second meeting for those who missed the first or are newly interested.

  • Contact people who attended the meeting but have not yet submitted a registration form. They may have questions about the tour that you can easily answer.

  • If your group is interested in meeting regularly, hold follow-up meetings to prepare them for the trip and to maintain their interest. Such gatherings fuel enthusiasm, making cancellations less likely, and often draw in new reservations.

  • Issue a brief monthly update by mail or email to keep group members posted on new information, deadlines and suggestions.

Interested in becoming a Group Leader?

Our online request to lead any of our tours is fast, easy, and carries no obligation. Simply give us your information and a tour consultant will contact you soon to help you start organizing your Mexico trip.


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